The applicants are grouped according to the results of the tests and interviewing. The groups comprise 3 - 6 students. Our center also provides individual courses (1 – 2 students).
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Skype courses

Skype lessons

“Lazarian Dpratoon” language center offers Armenian, Russian and English courses via Skype. The classes are live with one native teacher to each student, so that the students can get the best in pronunciation, grammar and understanding of the language. All classes are taught for your specific needs and your level.

The advantages of Skype lessons:

§ you can take your lessons from any locality: country, region and city

§ you can arrange the convenient date and time for the classes

§ you can save you time

§ you don’t  have to cancel the lesson even if you are on holiday or on business

§ you don’t have to purchase books at bookstores, since you can get them via email

General conditions:

§ student’s language level is assessed by a special written test

§ the course is designed individually with each student

§ duration of each lesson is 45 minutes

§ cost per lesson is 10 euros

§ the language material is provided before each lesson

§ during the last 10 minutes of each lesson you plan the next class together, so your personal needs always come first

§ The schedule and timetable is mutually coordinated taking into account the time differences of the countries

Payment conditions:

Classes are paid for in advance before the starting date of the classes. Payment for classes is in Euro currency via the MoneyGram or on the account number of “Lazarian Dpratoon”. 

Note: You can change your hours with your teacher to suit your lifestyle. You will never lose your online hours by changing the class day or time, but please tell you teacher in advance. And please don’t forget that excused cancellations of the lessons can be compensated within reasonable and fixed time limits. The learners should remember that unjustified, prolonged period of the course can’t be productive.