The applicants are grouped according to the results of the tests and interviewing. The groups comprise 3 - 6 students. Our center also provides individual courses (1 – 2 students).
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Courses » Armenian language course (Pre-intermediate)

For the Pre intermediate level we suggest 24 lessons.

At this level students learn Present, Future, Present Perfect and Past Simple tenses, Imperative tense form, Adjectives and the degrees of comparison, declensions of nouns, Question words, dialogues and informational texts etc.

Course days: from Monday to Friday

Suggested schedule: 3-4 lessons per week

Duration of each individual lesson – 1,5 hours

Duration of each group lesson – 2-2.5 hours

Fee for 24 individual lessons – 132 000 AMD

 Fee for 24 group lesson – 108 000 AMD